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Why You Need a Personal Brand in 2024

“I’ve been a big fan of yours before I even met you.”

These were the first words out of the hiring manager’s mouth when I had my first interview for my last job in the corporate world. I had a leg up before I even said “hello”.

Many people often confuse a reputation with a personal brand; but they couldn’t serve more different purposes. A reputation is your credibility. A personal brand is how you want to be seen.

If you’re a high performer in your industry – odds are, people know. Whether it’s a hiring manager that you’re speaking with, current boss or key stakeholders. Even if you’re an entrepreneur – it’s likely that your network knows what you can (or already have) achieved. I mean, I’ll be the first to tell you that if I’ve done something cool – LinkedIn is the first place that’ll know.

But what if the folks you’re looking to reach don’t know what you stand for?

That, my friend, is where a personal brand comes into play. A personal brand is essential to showcase your values, your motivation and leaves plenty of room open for creative expression. It’s how you showcase yourself as a solution to fill a gap or solve a problem that someone might have. It’s how you stand out against increasingly competitive odds.

So, that pegs the question – how exactly can a personal brand help you stand out?

You define your "why".

These are your driving factors – they’re what make you tick, what gets you excited, why you’re ready to tackle the day. Your “why” on a personal branding note is what showcases your passions, your values and your core beliefs. It’s also the reason why YOU stand out. And why only you can bring what you offer to the table.

You create a digital footprint.

As a former hiring manager – I can tell you without a doubt that the first place I looked when considering someone for a position was their social media profiles. I wanted to know how they carried themselves, what content they put on display for the world to see, and how easily they could use major platforms to increase their reach and recognition. I’ve always said that social media is essentially a “handshake” – and then it’s up to you to do the legwork.

You find new opportunities.

Simply being a high performer today isn’t enough. You need to be visible too. That’s what your personal brand is about – being intentional about how your actions align with the image that you want to project.

You establish credibility and trust.

Building trust and credibility is super important!

Especially today when everyone and their mother has over 100+ difference choices to make every day and a variety of solutions (and people) being marketed to them. Your personal brand serves as a testament to your knowledge, integrity and reliability. If you can help people connect both emotionally and intellectually to your brand, you’ll be able to establish credibility (and therefore a solid reputation) simply by showcasing the values and ideals that are important to you.

You express yourself and your creative side.

Your personal brand is an multi-faceted expression of who you are and why you’re special!  Whether it’s through storytelling, content creation, or visual branding, you have the opportunity to craft a narrative that resonates with people that reflects your uniqueness and what you care about.

Instead of feeling scared, I want you to embrace what sets you apart – your creativity and authenticity can help you develop deeper connections with your people and differentiate yourself in an ever-busy world.


Remember: especially when it comes to personal branding, experience is your best teacher. You know deep down what feels good and what feels like alignment with your values. Personal branding doesn’t require the latest and greatest technology, it simply requires you giving some thought to how you want to be seen.