Haircare Holy Grails – The Ultimate 2022 Guide to Haircare

If there’s one thing about me that will always ring true – no matter the day, no matter the season – it’s that haircare is always a massive priority for me. I never quite feel like myself unless I’ve spent the time in the morning to ensure that my hair looks nice, healthy and put together. 

Over the years, I’ve been building up my list of haircare favourites – from styling tools to serums, shampoos to conditioners – and I think that I’ve finally curated the collection of products that I consider to be my ‘holy grail haircare’. These are the products and the tools that I use every day.

And now, I can’t – and I won’t – live without them. They’re that good.



Aveda clove conditioner | Monochrome Minimalist Haircare Guide



A Colour-Boosting Conditioner

Whether or not you have coloured hair, who doesn’t love when their hair is full of multi-dimensional colour? Personally, I’ve never felt it necessary to use a colored shampoo – I’m a natural brunette, though I have been blonde in the past. I always found the best results for keeping brass out of my blonde or depth in my brunette came from using a tinted conditioner. Whilst I love Aveda’s Blue Malva Conditioner – the smell is so lovely and it works a treat – what’s capturing my attention now is the Clove Colour Conditioner for Brunettes. It’s also from Aveda, so you can be rest-assured that the smell is divine and the lightweight moisture is perfect for keeping the flyaways at bay.



Sap Moss from Aveda | Monochrome Minimalist Haircare Guide



Moisturizing Shampoo

I don’t know about you – but I always feel at my best when I’m using a shampoo that I love. For me, it’s one that not only smells lovely, but weightlessly hydrates my hair. If silky, baby-like hair is what you’re looking for – your search is over. The Sap Moss shampoo (and accompanying conditioner) are two of my favourite products that never fail to get me through the dry air of a Minnesotan winter. Which, if you’ve ever been in the midwest during the colder seasons, you’ll know why this is a big deal. 



Smooth Infusion from Aveda | Monochrome Minimalist Haircare Guide



Style Prep – Smooth Infusion

Another Aveda product for the win! I think you’ll begin to notice a theme here, no? Jokes aside, the style prep serum has been a product that I’ve repurchased over and over, and will continue to do so, unless they ever discontinue it. Aveda, if you ever read this PLEASE NEVER DO THAT! If you use heat on your hair, it’s so incredibly important to protect it. I’ve used the Smooth Infusion Style Prep serum for years, and not only does it nourish my hair and protect it from heat, but it’s also a warrior against humidity. Which, I love – as my hair is naturally curly and prone to looking like a goldendoodle if I’m not careful. It’s made from a blend of organic aloe, maize and guar, as well as being 92% naturally derived. Good for your hair, good for the planet. I say it’s a double win.



Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave In Conditioner Spray| Monochrome Minimalist Haircare Guide



Leave-in Conditioner

Who doesn’t love to have baby soft hair? I know that I sure do. As someone who styles my hair a lot, my hair is prone to damage from styling and being exposed to the sun. Though I’ve switched up my styling tools (more on this in a bit), I still feel as though a secondary round of conditioner is absolutely essential. I have been using the Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-In Hair Treatment Spray – which is a gorgeous leave-in conditioner, even though I no longer colour my hair – for years. And every time I use it, I fall in love all over again. Another product that smells like heaven and works wonders – and one that I will continue to repurchase forever.





An All-In-One Hair Styler

I could probably speak about the Dyson AirWrap Complete Kit every second of every minute of every day and still not be able to touch on how much of a game-changer this is. For those of you that love to have fresh-from-the-salon hair every day, this one is for you.

Now, before you ask, “is it really worth the money?” I’ll stop you right there. The answer is yes.

I used to style my hair almost every single day with a heat tool – straightener, curling iron, waver, you name it. My hair when air-drying or done with a hairdryer was often frizzy, overly dry and very damaged from the heat. In switching to a product that styles your hair with warm air only, no hot plates in sight, the difference I’ve felt in my hair has been phenomenal.

The Airwrap is now such a staple part of my routine, that I’ve bought it in a different voltage so that I can travel with it too. I don’t think I’ll ever go without one again.






“Sunscreen” For Your Hair

Just like you’d apply sunscreen all over your body, it’s important to protect your hair too. Even in the winter months!

Some of the worst sunburns I’ve ever gotten has been on a late winter/early spring ski trip with my family. My hands and cheeks were as rosy as they’d ever been, and seeing as we were sitting outside for lunch, I’m sure my hair caught the brunt of the sun, too! Just like your skin, protecting your hair from UV-A and UV-B rays is a good habit to get into.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve turned to Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil – a lightweight mist product that any hair type can use for protection from sun damage and dryness. An added boost? It adds a beautiful shine. 

Who wouldn’t love that?!






A Wide-Toothed Comb

Believe it or not, I don’t brush my hair very often.

I’ve got a very sensitive head of air when humidity is rampant, and just one touch of a brush could send my hair into poodle-land. So, instead of brushing my hair when it’s dry, I’ve been turning to a wide-toothed comb to brush my hair just after getting out of the shower.

They’re gentle, they don’t pull your hair, and best of all – they’re safe to brush your hair in humidity. Yes, I’ve ranked my brushes and combs for which do and don’t suit humid Minnesota summers. It happens.






Silk Scrunchies

To wrap this list up on the theme of being kind to your hair, if you like to toss your hair up in a ponytail or a bun – whether it’s from time to time or every day – do me a favour and invest in some silk scrunchies. I love the silk scrunchies from SLIP, not only do they come in beautiful colours, but they’re so gentle on your hair.

The idea behind using a silk hair tie rather than regular nylon and elastic, is that the silk actually reduces the friction to each strand as it’s tied up, resulting in less breakage and damage overall.



Hair care, in my mind, should always be simple. With the help of some amazing products. What are some of your haircare holy grails? Don’t forget to let me know!



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