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It’s finally here! Happy Fashion Month! Personally, this is one of my favourite months of the year (the other two being Fashion Month in the Spring, and December because I am a Christmas LOVER). Fashion month always starts in New York, and New York Fashion Week has always been on my dream list of places to attend. So, if you’re like me, loving the shows but can only (currently) watch them via Instagram Stories and live-streaming on YouTube, here is my round-up of the highlights of New York Fashion Week.



Starting with a bang, and one of my favourite designers of the season (and of all-time), Tom Ford. His collections are always seductive, exuding elegance, power and confidence. This is one thing that I really appreciate about his work – he really tries to pay attention to what men and women want to wear whilst still nodding to the trends, but not making the trends of the moment his main focus. This was quite clear in his Spring/Summer19 RTW show. The colour palette used was quite neutral; blacks, nudes, white, deeper greens and pale lilac. The models wore scarves over their heads, which really made their eyes the focal point of their beauty look.


“I wanted to make men and women feel more beautiful and to empower them with a feeling of confidence. A feeling of knowing that they looked their best and could then present their best selves to the world. I wanted to make clothes that were flattering. That make one look taller and slimmer and more beautiful or more handsome.” – Tom Ford, Designer


Lingerie as daywear was one of my favourite trends to hit the catwalk a few seasons ago, and I was quite pleased to see that it will still be around this coming Spring/Summer season. Personally, I love the delicate details it adds to an otherwise quite tailored look. The lace was primarily starring in the form of body suits and long slips, although I’ll admit – my favourite way to wear this trend is definitely a bodysuit with a tailored suit.


New York Fashion Week. Corey Tenold

New York Fashion Week | Tom Ford | Image via


A pattern that I was a bit surprised to see was the croc jackets and corsets that dominated Tom Ford’s runway – the reason being, I’m used to seeing this pattern in Autumn/Winter runways, not always a Spring/Summer show. However, I was quite pleased to see that this texture will be the next nod to the animal print trend alongside the snakeskin and leopard trend that’s been dominating our Instagram Feeds and magazines this season.

As for shoes – let me just say, YES. I love everything with a pointed toe, and Tom Ford’s collection was no disappointment. The shape elongates the leg and has a lovely, sexy edge to it that can be dressed up or down – all depending on how you choose to style them. Also, I’m very much a fan of the satin shoe making a comeback. Manolo Blahnik has been doing this for years, and I’m always excited to see what his next collection looks like as well.




A breezy collection with menswear inspired details alongside ultra-feminine silhouettes. Tory Burch’s show is one of my favourite types of shows to see, because there is something about her designs that just put you at ease and make you smile. My favourite piece from the collection was a peachy pink tiered dress, that honestly, took my breath away. I’m not always one to gravitate toward ultra-feminine, however I think it was the juxtaposition of this dress being shown after a few menswear-inspired pieces is what really caught my attention.


New York Fashion Week | Tory Burch | Image via

New York Fashion Week | Tory Burch | Image via


Tory Burch focused this season’s runway show on a fresh-faced look, one that is almost always on-trend for Spring/Summer. The colour palette in her show featured the brights of summer (cobalt and tangerine), whilst also having an anchor point of springtime neutrals (whites, blacks, khaki and rosy pink). Her collection is one that I can see being a big hit amongst many people. Each piece has a certain versatility about it – and she certainly proved that with the styling of this show. Non-traditional styling shows just how much you can amp up the dram with simple pieces, as well as be able to wear them for your everyday wardrobe too.





This is a designer that I’m consistently excited to see more from each season. Many of the bloggers that I take style inspiration from have frequented Self Portrait’s designs in their content, and I simply can’t get enough. The unique approach to texture is what originally hooked me as an admirer of the brand itself. Often, you’ll see intricate lacework and embroidery featured in the designs as well as interesting shapes that not many designers tend to use.


New York Fashion Week | Mr Self Portrait | Image via

New York Fashion Week | Mr Self Portrait | Image via


This season, Self Portrait’s runway was dominated by not only neutral hues, but also fun, bold prints – which is something that I’ve not often seen from this brand. The prints one could usually expect would be a bold stripe or floral – but this season, creative director Han Chong has upped his game tremendously. Watching his runway show put a smile on my face. There were so many pieces that I would have loved to have snatched right off of the runway and put into my closet. His feminine silhouettes are well-complimented by the styling used in this show – sleek, edgy and powerful.


New York Fashion Week | Mr Self Portrait | Image via


I think this may be why I personally gravitate toward this label so much – I can instantly see how you can edge up any of his pieces, or even keep them ultra-feminine with a pair of stilettos and a soft beauty look. For this show, his models were each given a monochromatic look for the face, finished with a bold white liner – which is not for the faint of heart. However, you can always nod to the trend with a fresh-faced look and a lighter eye-shadow to make this runway look daytime appropriate.




The last show that I’d like to highlight is one that I wasn’t aware of before this season – and honestly, I wish I’d known of the brand sooner. Dion Lee’s SS19 show was breathtaking. It combined nearly everything that I love about fashion – tailoring, delicate details, edgy styling, classic colours and new silhouettes. One thing that I loved about this show in particular was the brand’s ability to take lace, a traditionally feminine material, as well as traditionally feminine silhouettes and bring a certain edge to them. It’s no secret that I’m really keen on the lingerie as daywear trend – I think that showcasing intricate lace pieces is a fun way to show off your taste in fashion – but I especially enjoyed how Dion Lee chose to style this trend on the runway. Longline braziers and bralettes styled underneath sharp tailoring with minimalist leather accessories was one of the key aspects of this show.


New York Fashion Week | Dion Lee | Image via

New York Fashion Week | Dion Lee | Image via


The ideal woman for this collection is definitely a city girl on the go, each look had such an ease about it – almost that carefree, minimal effort type of look that so many always seem to lust for. The shapes in the collection were not traditional for suiting, but I think that this was one of the aspects that really made the show interesting – cut-outs at the hip with metal hardware joining the jacket and skirt, half a trench in suede and the other cotton styled with a leather wrap skirt and longline demi-brazier. Dion Lee’s show kept you guessing -and that’s one of the main reasons I think it was incredible.




New York Fashion Week is something that I look forward to each runway season – the shows are unique, inspiring and truly beautiful. As highlight round-ups can only be so long before they get to be a bit overwhelming, I’ve decided to do a second part to this post coming soon (and let me just tell you, it’s going to be good). Brands like Rodarte, Tibi and Boss – maybe even more. Don’t forget to check back for New York Fashion Week Highlights No.2! Until next, xoxo.



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